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Fowl Play at the Turkey Shoot

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Fowl Play at the Turkey Shoot

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      The Ball High ROTC’s biggest fundraising event of the year, its annual Turkey Shoot, took place Thursday November 15th, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Ball High Shooting Range.

Each contestant, under the wing of an ROTC member to ensure gun safety during the competition, was accorded three shots at a turkey target located 10 meters away from the firing line. Every half hour the top score during the 30-minute time period walked off with a turkey donated by Arlen’s Market here in Galveston.

The range, located on the third floor in the Southeast quadrant of Ball High, quickly filled with the Turkey Shoot regulars; teachers, parents and guests eager to display their prowess with an air rifle and take home a turkey.

Generally, an amiable competition filled with laughter and camaraderie between contestants, but the dinner tables were turned, if you catch my drift, when two competitors erupted into a heated exchange over what one considered “fowl” play.

“Everything was going smooth as turkey gravy,” Major Mark Knight explained. “The teachers and parents flocked to the shooting range to try their hand at winning a Thanksgiving turkey.” The major laughed. “Mr. Pillar once again took high honors,” the Major nudged this reporter and winked, “He is the principal after all, in spite of his shots scattered all over the target.”

The Major grew serious for a moment. “Then the alleged fowl play occurred. Dr. Deadeye Das and Bullseye Boland took their places on the firing line. Deadeye is known as the most accurate shot in the school, even though she never fired a rifle until three years ago, and she takes great pride in winning a turkey every year. In fact, she likes to brag about outshooting former Marine Mr. Carpenter and rubs it in on him every turkey shoot.

“Well, everything was pumpkin pie perfect for the first two shots. Deadeye and Bullseye fired identical scores, but as they lined up for the third shot, the goose bit the gander, you might say.” The Major paused and wiped the sweat from his forehead. “Deadeye Das fired and scored a nine to bring her total to 27, her lowest score in three years. Bullseye followed with a nine to bring his score to a 27, but Deadeye Das screamed ‘Fowl’!

“Apparently Bullseye rested his elbow on the table to steady his aim and Deadeye called him out. Now, I didn’t see the fowl play, so I awarded the turkey to Bullseye Boland because his third shot was a feather width closer to the bullseye. I thought we were going to have a shootout right there, but fortunately our ROTC safety personnel hadn’t reloaded their weapons.

“In order to stave off a Turkey Day Massacre, I awarded Dr. Deadeye Das our last turkey, so everyone left smiling, with Dr. Deadeye Das elbowing Mr. Carpenter on the way out, saying “Turkey!”

Below are the winning scores from the ROTC Turkey Shoot. Congratulations to the winners !

9:00am      Charlie Bolan, score 278:30am      James Ramirez, score 30

9:30am      Pallav Srivastava, score 29

10:00am    Mr. Batten, score 25

10:30am    Rhiannon Lanier, score 30

11:00am    Stephanie Wilcox, score 28

11:30am    Theron Pfeifer, score 28

12:00pm    Jocelyn Nelson, score 28

12:30pm    Tom Farmer, score 29

1:00pm      Kaitlin Buhler, score 28

1:30pm      Ashli Jennings, score 29

2:30pm      Maureen Hayman, score 29

3:00pm      Dylan Ray, score 30

3:30pm      Trent Burchfield, score 29

4:00pm      Nick Sanchez, score 29

4:30pm      Jason Mendoza, score 30

5:00pm      Chris Agorastos, score 30

5:30pm      Joseph Pillar, score 29

6:00pm      Katy Spillman, score 28

6:30pm      Danielle Taylor, score 29

7:00pm      Brendon Edwards, score 29

7:30pm      Casey, score 28

2:00 pm      Turkey Shoot Squabble Dr. Deadeye Das, score 27


A big thank you, to all that participated, to make this fundraiser a success!

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Fowl Play at the Turkey Shoot