Alief Taylor Tournament

Alief Taylor Tournament

On Friday November 30th and Saturday December 1st, the Ball High Speech and Debate team went on an overnight trip to compete at Alief Taylor High School. The categories that made it to finals were informative, domestic exempt, and original oratory.

Samhitha Kempaiah, team captain, received two first place trophies in informative and domestic extemporaneous speaking. Kempaiah did so well that the coach from Clear Brook High school wanted her to help coach their students.

Owen Earl was the second place winner in novice original oratory and the third place winner in varsity domestic exempt.

“This tournament was a blast,” Earl said, “and if you’re looking to enjoy a competitive and fun event, join the debate team!”

Juliana Salinas won second in varsity domestic exempt. Salinas commented, “No matter the win, I’m happy for bond we have created as teammates and look forward to see the wins we will all make.”

Overall, Ball High finished seventh out of the 40 schools. Some schools had teams up to 60 members, with 30 members competing in events. The other students competing from other schools were very kind to the ball high team, they even gave the team members their extra food! The team coach Michael Merritte was happy with the student’s success, and he couldn’t be happier.