BESTT of Them All

Imagine a classroom where the atmosphere is relaxed and comforting, a room always filled with laugher and the children displaying illuminating smiles. Happiness pervades this room like expensive incense, bonds form immediately betwixt everyone and love flows through the heart of the room. The proverbial key to this room of happiness is a woman named Mrs. Lana Polzin.

Lana Polzin is a BESTT teacher, and BESTT is a program that mentors children and helps take people a step further into their teaching careers. Mrs. Polzin was born in Corpus Christi and raised for the most part in Virginia Beach, Virginia due to her father’s position in the Navy. Then, her father stationed back to Corpus Christi when Mrs. Polzin was in the fifth grade and there is where she lived until she moved off to college at Texas A&M in College Station, Texas. Originally, Mrs. Polzin majored in business and thought that business would be the proper route for her, but she soon realized that business was not her cup of tea.

“My first major was business I thought I might want to be in some sort of marketing or maybe a management position and then I found out that was my not my style, I’ve always wanted to help people so I switched over to elementary education. I actually have my degree in sociology . . . learning why people behave the way they do and how people behave in groups.” recounts Mrs. Polzin.

Mrs. Polzin claims that she did not exactly always want to be a teacher, but she did always want to help people. She recalled a time when she used to play with her dolls and play teacher with her friends. She did not realize that she wanted to be a teacher until late college.

“I’ve always wanted to help people and I think that’s one of the best ways you can help people is to reach them while their young.” Mrs. Polzin says with a smile.

Mrs. Polzin says she never really had a teacher that really made a difference and she feels that’s where she missed out in life and one of the main reasons she wanted to be a teacher because she wants to be the difference or impact in someone else’s life.

“I like kids and everything about kids and I like people but kids are just so honest and there’s no filter and there’s nothing that really holds them back and when you dig down they show you who they are and that’s what I like. When we become people, we’ve masked that for so long and we’ve played a role for so long that sometimes we forget whom we are and kids aren’t afraid to show it.”

Mrs. Polzin says that BESTT has changed her perspective on everything tremendously going from teaching children who live in a sheltered bubble where the world has not quite affected them to teaching young adults who have lived and gone through life and has had life hit them. The change in different perspectives has opened Mrs. Polzin’s eyes and mind and she attained a newfound understanding of the world and the people around her.

“They may forget what you say, but they’re never going to forget how you made them feel.”