Burroughs Horsing Around

Practically everyone has a hobby that makes them smile, whether it’s fishing, reading,

gaming, painting; you name it, people have happy hearts when they do things that they have a passion to experience. Here at Ball High we have a teacher who absolutely loves what he does when he’s not in the classroom. Larry Burroughs loves race horses!

Mr. Burroughs is a member of Top Hat Thoroughbreds, a company that hosts horse races, and anyone can participate in multiple ways. Burroughs is part of the company because he owns a small percentage of several race horses. If the horse he owns wins, places or shows (comes in first, second or third) Burroughs receives a portion of the prize equal to the percentage he owns of the horse.

Mr. Burroughs’ partnership with this company sprang from an event three years ago. He was purchasing a cowboy hat from his friend and the conversation turned to horse racing. His friend started talking about Top Hat, and it intrigued Mr. Burroughs. He researched the company, and then bought a percentage of his first horse.

His horses travel all over the country to race, like his horse Believe Indeed. She won

first place in her last race at the Del Mar Racetrack on November 11th in Del Mar, California.

When the horses rounded the first curve Believe Indeed trailed behind her competitors, but when his horse hit the final curve Believe Indeed burned past the other horses to claim the victory and a $36,000 payday!

Mr. Burroughs enjoyed cheering for Believe Indeed live on television, and cheered with excitement as his horse rushed past the others as she pounded toward the finish line.

He now owns multiple race horses, 5% of some and 10% of a few others. He tries not to get too attached to his horses because they come and go, that being the nature of the business. However, according to Mr. Burroughs he does “love em’ all!”