It’s got Do-bie Ball!

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It’s got Do-bie Ball!

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On January 4th and 5th of 2019, four of our Speech and Debate team members traveled to compete at Dobie High school in Houston, Texas. The students that competed at this double swing tournament were Irelynn Giessel (sophomore), Summer Bentinck (sophomore), Zoe Monacy (Junior), and Samhitha Kempaiah (Junior).

Everyone arrived at the school ready to compete in their respected events. Giessel competed in Prose, Monacy competed in Poetry as well as Prose, Bentinck competed in Humorous Interpretation (HI), Poetry, Impromptu, and Oratory, and Kempaiah competed in Domestic Exempt and Lincoln-Douglas Debate (LD).

At around 5 p.m. on Friday, Monacy was in the Poetry semifinals. She was the last speaker in her competitive room, and her anxiety was quickly building up as each speaker went up to perform their piece. When it was finally her turn, she stumbled over her words and nearly went over time. Monacy was upset from her situation, and didn’t finish the night strong. However, even after she had another situation happen at home, she decided to come back the next day and compete again. Monacy ended up being a finalist in Prose and got fifth place out of 55 people in the category. She said, “I have always had this problem with anxiety. It broke me the night before, but I got up and glued the pieces back together for I am not shattered glass, I am elastic.”

In Lincoln-Douglas Debate there are four rounds in prelims, which are the rounds that decide whether or not you go to semifinals. Kempaiah won two rounds and lost two rounds in prelims for LD Debate. She also advanced to finals in Domestic Exempt and got fifth place.

Bentinck was a two time semifinalist in HI and Impromptu. She spoke out after the tournament saying, “I wish I did better, but I’m already qualified so now I’m getting ready mainly for the state tournament.”

The team left the competition with fifth place ribbons and confidence to start off the new semester strong. The Speech and Debate Team Coach Michael Merritte said, “It’s not about how you handle victory, it’s about how you pick yourself up after experiencing defeat. Those are the kids I’m most proud of; the students who could quit- and nobody would blame them- but they get back up and battle back.”

Merritte goes on to say, “I’m so proud of the kids who persevere and bounce back and conquer their personal demons. Like Martin Luther King said, ‘Only when it’s dark can you see the stars.’”

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