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Gwen Everett

Anger can come in different ways

But could last for days.

Anger is the better way of saying mad.

Anger can come from being sad,

Anger can come from hate

Anger can be dwritten on a slate,

Anger can come in a different kind of cost

Anger is a way to be lost

Anger is very entense

Anger can make a person wince.


We Will Fight!

 Lizzy Carbajal

I am Malala.

I can’t just care for myself, we have to unite.

I have to help everyone else, I have this fire in the night.

But who can I tell? I tell myself its okay.

I see a bright light.

I just want us to be well.

We will fight, it’s time to tell.

We have a right.

We will tell the Taliban’s fair well.

No more hearing bombs every night.

For we have won the fight!

The reason why I wrote the poem, “We Will Fight!” based on the book, “I Am Malala,” is because it led me to get out of my comfort zone and try my best in doing new things. Basically, it led me to write a poem because that’s not my forte, but I still got out of my comfort zone and tried my best on it. Malala is a very courageous girl who fought for what she believed in. Basically, it led me to write a poem because that’s not my forte, but I still got out of my comfort zone and tried my best on it. Malala is a very courageous girl who fought for what she believed in, not many people do that. But I, for one, want to be like her and make a difference in this world and make it a better place, not just for myself, but for everyone else too.


The Long Journey

 Yeison Ramierez 

Whose braveness is that? I think I know.

Its owner is quite sad though.

It really is a tale of woe, I watch him frown.

I cry hello.

He gives his braveness a shake, and sobs until the tears make the only other sounds, the break of distance waves and birds awake.

The braveness is strong, selfless, and deep.

But he has promises to keep, until then he shall not sleep.

He lies in bed with fish that swim.

The reason I have chosen to write this poem about Louis is because I really like how this character was during the book. He was very strong and brave during his long journey. Although it was very bad being captured by the Japanese, he still managed to go through it. His mind set shows that you can always pull through, and make things happen. That really touched my character as a whole.

I Dare You

Robert Ellis 111

I dare you to question the norms of society, to be willing to die just to give your people an opportunity to walk outside and there be a possibility you will be gunned down and whipped.

Nevertheless, you walk.

I dare you to be courageous, to speak even though your words are considered a weapon of mass destruction, to speak in front of thousands and challenge their beliefs without hesitation, to stand in the face of fear with nothing but a smile and your knowledge.

Nevertheless, you stand.

I dare you to be you.

I decided to write a poem about Malala. It ties into the story by going into detail about the hardships of Ms. Yousafazai. I chose to write it as a poem because I wanted the artifact to be simple, yet still go into the depth on what she went through.

Unbroken Poem

Erianna Long

There is no beauty in what is broken.

There is no pride in what is lost.

A ghastly, lost thing I have become.

I’ve come undone; having bared to you the blackest part of my soul.

My pain cannot be cast out into the universe to be forgotten and forgiven.

The heavenly bodies once set deep into my eyes escaped with my tears.

I relinquished to you my sense of self.

Yet here I remain, alone in the dark attempting to salvage what remains of my broken heart.

What impressed me about Unbroken wasn’t exactly the most conventional parts; although I admired his (Louis) bravery, there’s something about the morbid parts of being broken that caught my attention. To feel broken beyond repair and still manage to recover from the emotional trauma is quite astonishing. My poem refers to the times after certain bad events that make you lose pieces of yourself. To apply this to the story is referring to the darkest times of Louis’ life such as when he was in the POW camps and dealing with the mental aftermath. I chose to write this poem because in poetry, even the most morbid things can contain beauty, if you find the right words.


Abigale Wolf

There was water everywhere.

The ocean surrounding the men.

The men, tired from the heat, and hunger.

The sharks swim around their raft in hopes of a meal.

Twenty-seven days it took them to get to the Japanese-controlled-waters.

The men had salt sores, swollen lips, and had gotten thinner and thinner.

A Japanese bomber flew above them and starting shooting at them.

The men dove under the water in hopes of escape.

When the tired men climbed back onto the rafts in hopes the bomber is gone, he comes back.

Only one man, Louis Zamperini, dived back under the water in hopes of living.

The hungry sharks, tired of waiting, spotted him and decided not to wait any longer.

This poem has things from the story on how these fighters were adrift, starving, dying, and worried the sharks will kill them. This isn’t much of a poem, but it does identify how impressed I am that the author used so much detail to explain this one thing. Despite it being sad and keeping me on edge, it grabbed my attention by talking about these men stranded in the middle of nowhere except close to Japanese waters.

Malala Poem

Zoe Monacy

My school’s yellow bus matched the leaves on the trees on that day.

My eyes were watching as they passed by, the beauty of nature was stunning to me.

The peace and quiet caused me to daydream.

I was lost in my thoughts until I suddenly felt a jerk from the autumn bus.

The door swung open so I looked outside to see my surroundings, and it looked like we stopped in the middle of the street.

My eyes didn’t get the best look as I turned to the rough stomps on the bus stairs, yelling.

“Who is Malala?” It echoed in my eardrums as I peeked just over my seat to find my forehead hit with a barrel.

It all happened so fast.

Bump, click, bang. Bump, click, bang… Yet, my heart was still beating.

My poem ties into the story of I Am Malala, because I wrote it in her perspective. I wrote the poem about when she was shot, because I was impressed by the fact that, metaphorically speaking, gazed into the eyes of death and escaped from him. Malala was shot point blank in the face and miraculously recovered! She is a courageous and brave female icon that now continues to inspire people all over the world.










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