Rhapsody of the Fallen

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Life is a crazy show

Even I would know

Having to grow up fast

Due to my troubled past

And for the life I seek

I promise to still be meek

But you won’t catch me weak

Left dry in a rundown creek

My life is just beginning

But in the end I strive for winning

My folks try to bring me down

But I block out the negativity around

I’m bound for greater things

And I can’t wait to see what life brings

Future is an infinite term

And now I’m here trying to learn

I’m still young dumb and wild

Because my mom never taught me as a child

Life is what you make it to be

And the chains ain’t gonna be a hold on me

For my liberty

To be free

I’m alive and barely breathing

Lungs incapacitated got me heaving

No my past ain’t gotta hold on me

Baby these chains I will break free

I’ll be a bird and fly away

From this storm I’m in today

I see the light through the pouring rain

And I’m going to feel the sunlight again

Today marks the birth of a new me

A new destiny

For quality

And of that I believe

So take me as I am or leave

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