Principals Disenfranchise High School Students

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With each election being decided by fewer and fewer votes, it’s absolutely critical that all eligible voters get to the polls to cast their ballot for the candidate of their choice. Unfortunately, in the state of Texas, a vast majority of high school principals are flaunting the law deliberately, disenfranchising hundreds of thousands of high school seniors, or they are pathetically ignorant of the law.

According to the Ft.  Worth Star “Not enough Texas high schools comply with a law that calls for providing voter registration information to 18-year-old students on campuses, according to a new report by the Texas Civil Rights Project”.

Ball High’s Principal Joe Pillar not only holds a voter registration drive twice a year, once each semester, to register 18yr, old Ball High students. He is a big advocate of registering high school students to vote.

Last election 183,000 Texas high school seniors were denied their right to vote because those high school principals didn’t get registered.

Add that 600,000 mostly black and Latino voters who must meet the states harsh voter ID law, and the powers that be in Texas are attempting to deny the vote to almost a million Texans.

Chief Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg says that this is par for the state of Texas, because of “the state’s long history of discriminatory voting laws”.

Secretary of State of Texas, Rolando Pablos, pleaded with superintendents to sign a pledge promising 100 percent commitment from the principals to improve with compliance and 432 schools signed in agreement with Ball High as one, but until every principal in the state of Texas commits to registering 18 year olds this voter discrimination will continue to plague our elections and students will continue to be disenfranchised

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