Mama D, Officer of the Year

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Mama D, Officer of the Year

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Known to thousands of Ball High students and faculty as their beloved “Mama D,” officer Margaret Dickinson has been recognized as the 2018-19 Ball High Police Officer of the Year.

“Mama D is a Ball High institution,” said Mr. Harry Little, Ball High AP English teacher. “I couldn’t be happier for Mama D. No one deserves it more.”

Stationed at the bus entrance on the west side of the building, day after day, enduring the intense heat and cold air that blasts through the doors each time they’re opened, “Mama D” brings order from chaos.

“Mama D keeps us safe by not letting anybody in and out from the bus doors during the day,” opined English teacher Allison Martinez.

“Mama D” has patrolled the halls of Ball High since 1995 and sees no reason to stop doing her job of making students feel safe in their school.

“To work as a team for the success of our students, that’s the goal I’ve had ever since I’ve been here.”

Congratulations to “Mama D” for her selection as Officer of the Year!

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