Religion: The Hatfields and McCoys

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When people think of Easter Sunday they usually think of going to church and seeing young girls with their beautiful pastel Easter dresses and little boys with their ties wrapped around their necks, but this story is a little different.

On April 21, 2019 in Sri Lanka, three churches and four hotels were hit by suicide bombers on Sunday morning, killing 321 people, more than 20 were firefighters, and wounding 500 people. Authorities received warnings two weeks before the Easter Sunday terrorist attack, but no one took it seriously.

Sri Lanka’s Minister of Defense, Maithripala Sirisena, said the attack was allegedly in retaliation for the recent Christchurch mosque massacre in New Zealand where an Australian citizen massacred Muslims during their prayers (50 killed, 50 wounded).

When one goes to church, our religious leaders speak about how the world needs peace and love, and how we should love one another. They teach us about the word of God, but instead we have to deal with how people are constantly getting killed around us in the name of god.

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