Art Students Heading for Nationals

Art Students Heading for Nationals

The Young Marine Artist Search is a project of the American Society of Marine Artists.  According to Art teacher Colleen Moore, “Ball High has swept the local competition for many years, and has had several national winners who are honored at the ASMA’s annual conference. We are the only Texas school to win national honors!”

Students from Ball High who participated in the Young Marine Artist Search will receive their ribbons and prize money May 23rd during second period. All winners will be entered in the National competition.


2D YMAS awards:

First Place: Ty Polzin for “Sunset Serenity”

Second Place: Emeline Howrey for “Don’t Be Koi”

Third Place: Tara Donnelly for “Crawling Through Color”

Honorable Mention: Ariah Vasquez for “Down Under”

Honorable Mention: Mary Katherine Piel for “On the Fly”

Honorable Mention: Caroline Baze for “Plastic Paradise”

Honorable Mention: Kaitlyn Mixon for “Movement”


3D YMAS Awards:

First Place: Julianna Salinas for “Ancient Ocean”

Second Place: Azucena Gonzales for “Sea Turtle”

Third Place: Samantha Schmoeller for “Oyster Catcher”

Honorable Mention: Julianna Salinas for “Crusty Claws”

Honorable Mention: Trinity Smith for “Nature’s Cup of Joe”

Honorable Mention: Mary Katherine Piel for “In the Can”