Heated Tornado Game

Our future champions, the Tors, devastated La Marque and just now destroyed the Houston Yates Lions with a raging 9 to zip score. Tors vs. Yates was a heated match literally. The suspense in the bleachers was as hot as the temperature outside, almost radioactive, even though our Tors won like everyone expected. The Lions defense worked with the same power as our defense. Houston’s Lions held the raging Tornadoes in check until the 4th quarter when the Tors grabbed the victory.

With the support of all coaches on both teams and the passion that burned within the players, The Lions were able to match them for a good while even when the Tornadoes came in with powerful speed; not even the Lions could stand ground. The Lions got close but our team spirit was too great for those Lions.

The Lions trained as hard as they could, focusing mostly on their defensive area they didn’t have the offense to balance their stingy defense. The Tors called it game after the 3rd quarter, they made it clear that no one or anything can face a raging Tornado! If Lions had maybe focused a bit more on the offensive side they would at least gotten one touchdown. Our Tors did not care about any of the Lions, they pushed through them like holiday traffic.

The Tors grabbed the lead with a short field goal in the fourth quarter and put the game away as time expired when the defense roared, stopping the Lions at the four and recovering a fumble that the Tors ran back for the final score as time expired.

Can anyone stop our rampaging Tors? We will see in our next game, when the Tors take on Houston Wheatly.