The Legend of D. B. Cooper

November 24th, 1971, Dan Cooper, (D. B.) boarded a Northwest Orient Aircraft at 2:45 p.m. The man took a seat and ordered a bourbon and cola. Later in the flight, he handed the flight attendant a note, however she didn’t look at immediately, ao soon he says “You should look at that, I have a bomb in my briefcase.” Hearing this she decided to look at the note that says, “I have a bomb in my briefcase, I want you to sit by me.” He then goes on to open the briefcase to reveal wires, red rods and a timer. D.B. goes on to demand $200,000 in twenty dollar bills, and 2 front and back parachutes each, or he’ll blow the plane up.

Soon, he lets everybody of the plane at the next landing. However before doing so he got his money from every passenger on the plane. Afterwards he stayed on the plane and told the pilot to fly to New Mexico and, a strange request, to fly under 10,000 feet in elevation. After sneaking suspicion of getting set up, he then decided to use his parachutes to jump out of the plane never to be seen or heard from again. Reportedly he had a military parachute that wouldn’t be able to steer and his bach parachutes were sewed together. If that’s the case he more than likely would’ve died on impact.

D.B. Cooper he was never found by the FBI or police investigators. The only real lead the police had was a man named Richard Macoy Jr. Macoy hijacked a plane not to long after Cooper in similar manners. However, the only difference is his voice didn’t match the reported deep calm voice Cooper had. And in 1990 a child found $5,000near the Columbia River, meaning if some money was there his body, or money would be there too, but nothing was found .Allegedly D.B. Cooper kept sending letters to the FBI stating he was dying and that they wouldn’t find him. But there’s no way of proving that. There is no way of proving anything, no matter how others may look at it, the man got away with his crimes, and was rich while doing it. If he was alive that is.Image result for db cooper