Cell Phone Use in School

We’ve all heard about the nightmare stories that teachers and administrators face when confronting the demon cell phone use in the classroom. However, unlike most of the teachers, I am definitely for cellphone use in school.

I think we should be able to use our cellphones in school because cellphones are very necessary for students to use to research and fact-check our work.  We have our cellphones with us at all times and it makes sense to be able to use our phones in the hallways.

We are not able to use our phones during class, so we should be able to get on them while we walk to our class in the hallway because we aren’t in class, and the use of our phones won’t cause any interruption or disturbance. We can still make it in time, so why is our phone use between classes such a big deal?

Being allowed to be in our cell phones during lunch should not be a problem. Not everybody eats lunch and the phones can also be helpful for them to do unfinished work before class. We should be able to clear our minds before class starts again, and communicating with friends helps students to relax. Lunch is the only free time students have to talk to their friends.

Phones can be used for many educational things like research, projects, calculators, and even putting in important dates when a homework assignment is due. Although there is a certain time when students should not be allowed to use their cellphones, I believe using them in the hallways and lunch should be permitted.