Dress Code in Schools

Schools are going way too far with the dress code policies especially for girls. The schools are sending girls home for not wearing a bra, or for wearing a bra and having the straps showing. The reasoning is that both collarbones and shoulder are too “distracting” for the boys. Even when the girl’s parents picked their clothes out, they still get sent home.

Sending these girls home from school just cause their shoulders are showing means they are missing class and falling behind in class over nothing. Girls will have to either go home or wait for their parents to bring them clothes and doing that you are ruining these girl’s self-confidence, and this is also another reason they acted up in school.

Boys can get away with short, and I mean short, shorts and ripped jeans above the knee; but if a girl wears ripped jeans and the rip is under her knee, she gets dress coded. Also, if a girl wears leggings, she must have a long shirt to cover her derriere or she has to change. This is ridiculous.

The schools doing this make girls feel like they are back in middle school by pretty much having a dress code, but not saying what it is, so if you don’t follow their secret “dress code” you get in trouble. Not all girls want to come to school wearing jeans and a shirt. We want to wear something that we like and something that is comfy.

It’s not our fault guys can’t control themselves that is all on them so we shouldn’t have to pay for them not being raised right and taught the proper way to treat someone. If the boys have an issue with what I’m wearing, then they need to fix it and deal with it because I should not have to lose out on my education because my shoulder is distracting.

Girls are getting dressed coded, but I don’t see the boys who don’t know where their pants go and are walking around the school sagging way below the waist, yet you never hear the teachers complaining about that or them getting pulled out of class.

I will admit I agree with the schools about the girls wearing crop tops because that is a little nasty, but that’s the only thing I agree with concerning the dress code.

More than 90% of girls get dress coded in school while less than 10% of boys get dressed coded. From my experience, guys break the dress code as much as the girls do but they never get in trouble.

What’s next? Girls wearing surgical masks because our faces “distract” the boys?