Never Forget #18

On September 28th and 29th, a memorial was held for a lost teammate, daughter, and friend. Marikate Maggio, who graduated from Ball High in 2018, lost her life on the 26th of September, 2018. She etched her smile so deeply on everyone she interacted with, and it showed during the Marikate Maggio Memorial Adult Co-Ed Softball Tournament.

Her memorial tournament took place at the Lassie League Softball Complex, and the entry fee was $350 per team. It cost a pretty penny, but it was all worth it, because this was more than just a competition. At the Adult Co-Ed Tournament they did more than play softball, they placed all of the proceeds toward the first annual Marikate Maggio Memorial Scholarship Fund, and from this point forward, one athlete each year can win this award. To receive the scholarship, athletes must hold the “attributes which made Marikate an exceptional person.” as the flyer stated. “These include overcoming great challenges to succeed and excel, while also helping others to overcome their challenges, and most of all, being a quintessential teammate.”

On Wednesday, September 26, 2018, Marikate Maggio, also known as “MK” to loved ones, was driving down U.S. 181 like it was any other day, and it was, until she reached the FM 775 intersection. An 18-wheeler ran through a red light and hit her car without braking. She passed away at the hospital. Family, friends, and even people who only talked to her three times in her life were in tears. MK was a light beam the world cherished, and she is dearly missed, as shown by the amount of participants who made it to the tournament.

The scholarship was funded by more than just entry fees, T-shirts were made in her honor. The most popular shirt was white featuring a picture of MK holding her bat, with a softball just below her stating “Memorial Softball Tournament 2019.” Dozens were seen with her face on their person, and it moved many hearts around the island, one heart being her former coach Otis Brown. “MK, I just want to say thank you,” Coach O. states in his video to Marikate, “Today was a special day, you brought out the best in so many people and it goes to show you how important it is that you brought so many people together… the number 18 will live on forever.”