Rural Hospitals in Crisis

The United States has seen more than 100 rural hospitals close since the year 2010, and another 430 at risk of closing its doors in 2019. This mass shutdown of rural health care centers is resulting in life-or-death repercussions for rural communities across the nation. With Texas and Tennessee being the states with the most hospitals closed than any other state in the country.

Much of this is due to these hospitals losing money, and going bankrupt. Doctors and physicians are losing their jobs, and poorer citizens are limited of their health care options. However, it is noted that the states where this problem is more prevalent are the states where the Affordable Health Care Act was declined.


“To think that in our country, our government is going to sit back and watch 283 hospitals close blew my mind.” Said a mayor from N.C.


Furthermore, it’s being proposed that larger regional hospitals and communication hubs direct patients in a rural network to the nearest appropriate places for care. With more ambulances and school clinics set up with capabilities of reaching medical experts. The whole idea is to offer rural hospitals with difficulties providing the full range of costly medical services. Not all rural hospitals are struggling economically, however, but for the many who are, congress is currently working on legislation designed to provide better financial security for these rural facilities.