Holiday Cheer

Love Hurts

by Gwen



No one deserves the pain by the way

Very sad.

Evry one goes through it

He/she may not be the garden one

Underestimated love,

Restless sleep


Survival of a heartbreak hurts

It will always get better.


Love Someone

By Gwen

Love is just a word?

Oh, heck no!

Valentine’s Day is a day of love.

Everyone can love someone!

Someone needs someone

Or something to love

Morning, evening, night …

Everyone needs to be loving.

One day

No one will

Ever know what love is if no one is in love.



By Gwen


There is so much to be thankful for …



Nothing but another day to live,

Kind people,

Special days, meaning your birthday.

Giving thanks for anything and everything

Is very important

Vases will be filled with fall flowers

Inspiring people

Notice all the things to be grateful for. Be