The Twelve Health Risks of Christmas

The first health risk is overeating, but research predicts that afterwards you’ll eat less of the candies than you would have if you’d given in to your original desire to gorge without playing the mind trick.

Then holiday depression all the pressure to be happy this time of year, it’s not hard to be depressed. This is especially true if you don’t have exciting plans, or any plans.

Overspending and debt advertisers take no prisoners when it comes to pushing the holidays on us these days, which can make it easy to get sucked in to overspending. Though it’s great to be generous with your loved ones, if you’re able, a lot of us just do too much.

New Year’s Eve dread: there’s no reason to start a new lifestyle habit or kick an old one on January 1st. Do it when you’re good and ready.

Kids drive you crazy: a major problem with the holidays is the kid pressure. Parents often complain that their kids demand the latest hot item with the rationale, all my friends got it! But she says do not fall into the “but he’s getting it!” trap. And stay strong.

The holiday attitude people who go holiday-crazy can feel a kind of anticlimax or emotional emptiness during or after.

Household accidents and ER visits; the guy dangling by his foot by the Christmas lights he’s trying to hang on the roof is a classic holiday image. And it’s actually not so farfetched: household accidents increase quite a lot around the holidays, as do ER visits.

Eggnog takes the edge off. Drinking too much is pretty common around the holidays, whether it’s to celebrate the festivities or take the edge off schmoozing with colleagues or family members you’d rather not be around.

The holiday office party is another classic and oft-dreaded event. The Holiday Office Party is even riskier if it offers endless free drinks.

Family stress: if you have a great, supportive, sane family, by all means skip ahead. For many people, spending time with the family or extended family is a mixed blessing, or just incredibly painful.

Unrealistic expectations and on the flipside, let’s be honest, the holidays don’t make everything better, lik e they do in the movies. We like to think that this year is going to be different, that the uncle who is an alcoholic will somehow not be inebriated at Christmas dinner, or the work holiday party that is always stressful and awkward will somehow magically change.

Tens of thousands of kids sit on Santa’s lap every year in the mall or department store. Forbes editor Dan Bigman wondered whether mall Santas might pose any health risks. While there’s no hard science on the subject, considering how many children he comes into contact with every day, it’s certainly possible.