OPEN FILE: Boy in the Box

This story is rather disturbing and talks about the death of a child. No disrespect is meant with the cae: this is just a rehash of the events. Thank you.


On February 25th, 1957, Pennsylvania PD received a call from a man named Frederick Benonis describing that during a hike through the woods he had taken two days before, he found a random box. With his curiosity peaked, he opened and looked in the box to see a dead body covered in a blanket. Why wait two days? Turns out Benonis was going through the woods to go to his peeping spot, which happens to be next to a school for girls. With the fear of being arrested washing over him, he waited to tell the police what he saw.  (Probably killing off helpful evidence)

Police found the body and proceeded to investigate the surrounding area. The boy’s body was heavily damaged. Cuts were found near the face and groin, meaning the boy may have been cut up. His hair was cut horribly and the determinate cause of death was hit with a blunt force object. Now here’s where it gets tricky, it was as if he had never existed. His fingerprints were taken, his dna was tested, this kid was nowhere in the record. That is why the police had no choice but to reconstruct the boy’s face as best as they could and put that picture all over the United States. However, nothing came of it.

There was no evidence except the box itself, and a blue cap. The box lead was dead as they tried following every purchase from a mattress store and that would’ve been impossible. However, the hat lead was interesting, the police found out that a man who wore a blue cap did buy a mattress frame, unfortunately he paid with cash therefore his name was not put in the records and he was never seen by that store or the other stores again. So the police had no leads, no evidence, and no name for this boy. The boy was buried in a graveyard and his tombstone said ‘Here Lies America’s Unknown Child’.



The boy was found February 25th, 1957. Police were unable to identify the body, and despite the evidence, no useful information was found. All leads were proven untraceable, and people are only left to speculate what happened. While police still take any leads the case was officially closed. There has been no justice for the boy for nearly 63 years.

In Memory of America’s Unknown Child (? – 1957)