Powerlifters Continue to Grow

Head Powerlifting Coach Otis Brown remains upbeat and optimistic about his young team. “We can’t say it enough of how our powerlifting program has grown from eight powerlifters to now 21 and making a mark in the sport.”

This past weekend Robert Ellis continued to make a mark in his division by finishing 2nd in his weight class, after finishing 1st the previous week.

Coach Brown expressed his happiness about the support the team has received as the season progresses. “We are proud to say that our Tors powerlifting team was well represented this past weekend with our very own Superintendent Dr. Moulton being present in support as well as our Athletic Director Walter Fortune, who even helped wrap some of our kids along with myself and Coach Caldwell. We had 36 teams present in the meet with a total of 300 plus powerlifters.



***14 kids were ranked in the TOP 20 From this past weekend***


In The Girls 132 lbs Division

Alexis Crich finished 9th

Bryanna Tovar finished 10th


In The Boys 132 lbs Division

Mitchell Willis finished 11th


In The Boys 148 lbs Division

Robert Ellis finished 2nd

Seth Fortune finished 20th


In The Girls 165 lbs Division

Abigail Westhause finished 4th


In The Boys 165 lbs Division

Gregory James finished 13th

William Gomez finished 14th

Geovans Evans finished 19th


In The Boys 181 lbs Division

Wai Kaung finished 7th

Lyric Lemons finished 15th


In The Boys 220 lbs Division

Edwin Galaraza finished 17th


In The Boys 275 lbs Division

Jose Cuevas finished 16th

Devon Bouldin finished 17th




Girls THSWPA Region 4 Rankings

Paris Turner Ranked 26th in her weight class

Alexis Crich Ranked 24th in her weight class

Bryanna Tovar Ranked 25th in her weight class

Vashed Thompson Ranked 21st in her weight class

Abigal Westhasue Ranked 10th in her weight class


Boys THSPA Region 4 Division 1 Rankings

Mitchell Willis Ranked 12th in his weight class

Robert Ellis Ranked 1st in his weight class

Seth Fortune Ranked 31st in his weight class

Nigel Ashton Ranked 19th in his weight class

William Gomez Ranked 20th in his weight class

Gregory James Ranked 21th in his weight class

Geovon Evans Ranked 30th in his weight class

Daris Turner Ranked 32nd in his weight class

Wai Kung Ranked Ranked 9th in his weight class

Lyric Lemons Ranked 24th in his weight class

Edwin Galaraza Ranked 23rd in his weight class

Jose Cuevas Ranked 23rd in his weight class

Devon Bouldin Ranked 24th in his weight class